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It started with the desperate text, “Where can I get some kale around here???” from a Los Angeles friend in town for a wedding. I understood his pain. As a Saugatuck native I loved my frequent visits home to see family & friends but found it challenging to find easily, accessible, nutritious food. Living in West Hollywood for the last eleven years as a  gluten-free, vegan, organic healthy food was easier to get than locating a Starbucks!  Saugatuck needed some serious kale!!

My personal journey towards health and well-being had already had my creative juices flowing years prior. Being positively impacted in my own life by incorporating cold-pressed juice and juice cleansing, I wanted to share these benefits with the world.  What better of a place to start then my hometown! My one goal is to make healthy living easier for everyone.  After some deep meditation and a good night’s rest, the name Tree of Life Juice was born. The tree of life is a symbol of a fresh start on life, positive energy, good health and a bright future and that is exactly what this business represents!

Tree of Life Juice handcrafted beverages were created to offer tremendous health benefits. Our juices are *Cold-Pressed so that they maintain 100% of nutrients, vitamins & enzymes.

We aim to help people every day find more balance by adding this simple, easy step to their lives.

Whitney Troutman

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