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Rookie (3 Days)

  • 1. Little Helper
    Start your day with natural energy, increased endurance, accelerated blood flow.


    2. Chocolate Almond mylk
    Keep your body full longer, with protein & healthy fats, also anti-aging.


    3. Popeye
    Have a super food brunch, packed with nutrients to nourish your body & keep a healthy digestive tract.


    4. Glow Up
    Enjoy your lunch loaded with anti-oxidants, vitamin C. This juice also helps relieve sore muscles & reduces inflammation.


    5. Re-zest
    Get an afternoon boost with this energizing juice, that strengthens your immune system and helps keep your stomach at ease.


    6. Cool as A Cucumber
    Has essential minerals to keep the body nourished & hydrated.


    7. Vanilla & Cinnamon Almond mylk
    End the day with a creamy blend to keep your body warm & reduce blood pressure.

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